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With the studies of tens of hundreds patients, beta-testers, and filed-tests, we are literally re-defining the term- ergonomic; often misunderstood. The Others go by textbook, my team builds everything based on real people… just like you

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Describing the dollop pillow in a word? It feels like hammock. My head and neck seems floating- weightless!

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It’s just astonishing how a little change can go far ! Thanks, team. I give 10 out of 10!

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Thank you for trying out Dollop Pillow! I would love to tell you a little story.

A journey or a challenge, designing the Dollop Pillow- the world’s first personalizable pillow- started two years ago. Personally, I was in a dark place. At work, my workload was heavy and toxic to my body. I failed to sleep on time during the week and failed to take a proper rest on weekends. Very stressful. I was even diagnosed with restless leg syndrome and anxiety.

The biggest agony of all was to rest my exhausted neck and head on a pillow that did not fit my unique body type. I could not find ONE comfortable sleep position.

To help myself, I started to design a pillow that fits my unique body type. After a year of designing a pillow, alone, I become a master in the art of sleep. I think I have created something amazing here. It’s the item in this very box right now.

A pillow that finally fits your head and neck. Play with it for a few nights. Personalize it to your unique body type. Once you find the sweet spot, you will sleep like a baby again. Guaranteed. I know you will love it because it’s proven with 500 beta-testers before you.

Snooze with superior support. The level of customization of the dollop pillow is to provide optimal neck support while comfortably cradling your head, so it supports you, not your chiropractor’s BMW.

Please help us become one of the best pillows in the world. Spread the word for me. Let the world know how comfortably fits your body and help you have the best dream ever. I would love to help hundreds of thousands people just like us.

Again, Thank you for trying the Dollop Pillow. Any questions and concerns? Please email me at “dollop@goodloox.me”. Love to help. Thank you!

“Alberto Kim”